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Market Dips, But Boost in S9 Mining Hash Rate for Same Flat Fee with Cyberan Mine

Here’s the lowdown on optimizing profitability with the last mine standing

In the end, it’s all about the numbers. Cracking the code to mining software settings is the key to optimizing profitability. Optimize profitability and with an appropriate uptick in crypto prices you’re on your way to building a liquid operation that you can scale to pay for your groceries, then your rent, then your holiday and beyond.


One of the models of machines that can get the optimization


We know a lot of companies promise this. They shout big claims and make you feel you’re going to gain the world, but ultimately fail to deliver. We’re not one of those companies. 

At Cyberian Mine we pride ourselves on transparency and innovation. We want to be raw and real and cut through the smokescreens and change how you approach mining. We want to do this by guiding you through our experience in the trenches – testing. On this blog and in our Telegram group, you’re getting the good stuff. You’re seeing the correct way to view developments in the market and to unlock the full suite of benefits of the plug and play mining model.

Let’s get into the fun news.

Software Boost for Cyberian S9s 

Due to current market conditions we want to give our community some options for their S9 machines.

It is possible that either the bitcoin price will recover, or difficulty will fall and therefore your machines will be profitable again soon – but in the meantime, these are your options:

Request that we set your machines to the most efficient mode on ASICseer: ~800w (€34 a month) – with Maximised TH of 10TH+ depending on how the individual machine copes with this optimization


Request to stop mining with your machines, and start mining again when the market recovers (more details about this on the form below)

Please note that S9K, S9e and S9SE models do not work with ASICseer.

We will prioritize those who reply first – and commit to making the changes before December 1st for all those who submit their requests this week.

Please fill out the form here:


Thomas Heller (second from the right) in our facility in Siberia


ASICseer is one of many mining optimization improvements available, and we’re always on the lookout for more for our customers. So while we don’t consider it the be-all-end-all solution, we were impressed by the technical achievement behind it and wanted to give you a bit more background. 

The opportunity we’re offering you was validated by Thomas Heller, Global Business Director at F2Pool. Knowing that the block reward halving is coming soon and expecting the network hash rate and difficulty to have a strong increase in 2019, Thomas spent some time looking for ways to optimize mining operations for himself and his clients. That’s where he discovered new software called ASICseer

“I spent a bit of time in their online communities and what they have built is strong,” said Thomas. “Their miners have all seen positive results from the software and the community is a fantastic knowledge base for miners to learn and share with each other.”

ASICseer delivers a 20-30% boost in hash rate and mining efficiency by using an auto-tuning algorithm. We’ve spent some time testing ASICseer on some of Cyberian Mine’s own machines and we’re now confident that this is a great switch to initiate. It only works on the S9, S9j and S9i models, but those who do have these models will notice an uptick in their hash rate as soon as we have installed and activated the software. 

Constant and Never-Ending Improvements

This development is the latest upside to our overall business philosophy, which is to be constantly open to and on the lookout for new partnership opportunities. Software is just a small percentage of your overall gains in the short term, but when you compound these efficiencies over the years ahead, small moves make a big difference.

As of now, ASICseer only supports Antminer Ss, but that might be about to change. “I hope they can move faster to add support for hardware from other big manufacturers, particularly Whatsminer, Canaan and Innosilicon. This is going to be huge for all miners when considering the halving in May next year,” Thomas told Cyberian Mine.

We also connected directly with Alexander Levin, the creator of the ASICseer software. We asked Alex some questions on topics that we know are important to the Cyberian Mine community:

S9 lifetime

The Antminer S9 lifetime is actually what helped to shift my focus away from building software for GPU mining, to building software for ASIC mining. Since I was an early adopter, I remember many cases when people who bought ASICs would not be able to ROI (due to exponential performance increases caused by rapid innovation). As the industry matured, and the S9 maintained profitability, it became incorrect to maintain my distance from the S9. An ecosystem had developed that supported the development of third-party firmware.

Community support

Community is especially important for ASICseer. For example, our Telegram channel ( is full of customers who jump in and offer help to anyone with a question, in real time. In fact, after starting the channel in June of 2019, it is now one of the most active crypto channels on Telegram.


S9 running on ASICseer at around 800W


How exactly the fee model works

ASICseer uses a sliding scale developer fee that charges 1% for every 5% improvement in hashrate and mining efficiency. Most customers will end up paying a 2.5%-2.9% fee for a 20-30% improvement in either hash rate and/or power usage. The fee is calculated by mining a certain percentage of the time to the ASICseer development pools.

Future S17 performance support (and other hardware in the pipeline)

Our company plans to offer support for any make/model of hardware that reaches ubiquity in terms of deployment. As a small company, we are forced to work only on units that are currently live and mining. As next-gen units come online, we will offer support for them.

The time is now…

If you’re ready to begin your mining adventure with Cyberian Mine, the first port of call is our free Telegram group, where we share all the latest details about our mining machines and hosting opportunities before anywhere else.

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