Lightning Network available now!

Some great news for Cyberians who love fast, low-fee blockchain payments without keeping an eye on block confirmation times. If you want to make payments to Cyberian Mine using the Lightning Network, here are the details you need…

First of all, if you want to pay with Lightning, you can do so straight away. You can use wallets that have built-in Lightning Network functionality. Two we use and like are BlueWallet and Breez.

But we recommend that you open a Lightning Network Channel to Cyberian Mine’s BTC server.

Here are the public keys you’ll need, for both the Clearnet and Tor networks.

To open a channel use this Node PubKey:

02c[email protected]


Or alternatively on the Tor Network:

02c[email protected]6ldhps2vykqzbu623h2ondhrbtuwzab7h25l7kz3obti6qbbot2eqaad.onion:9735

Tor Network for anonymity

Please remember: The Lightning Network functions a little differently to what you might be used to, and you will need to have channels open with enough inbound balance to receive payments, and enough outbound balance to make payments.

If you have any questions about how to set this up properly, just email [email protected] and he’ll be happy to walk you through everything.