With earnings set to increase on July 2nd, China offloading mining equipment has created an exciting new opportunity

It has been a turbulent few months, with Bitcoin making headlines during erratic price action. Lack of equipment on the market has caused unprecedented scarcity and extreme price growth alongside increased public awareness.

But now the trend has finally turned and opened up unique opportunities for both beginners and long-term bitcoin miners.

New Arrivals + Price Drop + Increased Earnings

The unfortunate events for Chinese miners were a boon to the crypto industry and specifically to Cyberian Mine clients.

1. Higher Decentralization. China self-sabotaging its own dominance in crypto mining will lead to a more stable and secure Bitcoin network.

2. New Preinstalled Miners In-stock and Preorders. Miners flowing into the market are reducing scarcity. We finally managed to acquire the hard-to-get units such as Antminer S19Pro-110, Avalon 1246-90, and Whatsminer M30s. So far the number of available machines is limited, but it is still a huge breakthrough.

3. Significant Price Drop. Miners are at their lowest prices since December 2020. For some older miners, we were able to drop the price by 50%. The most efficient miners in pre-ordered batches have become 20-30% cheaper.

4. Hash Rate Drop = Higher Earnings. The miners being switched off resulted in a historical drop in hash rate, which increased the profitability of remaining miners by a significant margin. As of this moment, the Next Difficulty Adjustment, planned for July 2nd is estimated at -26%, meaning that miners’ gross earnings will increase by over 35% and net profit even more significantly. The latter depends on the type of equipment, since the hosting fee is fixed in fiat and won’t change. In some cases, it will double net profits. In just two days from now.

Now is the time…

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