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Cyberians Head South for World Digital Mining Summit in Frankfurt

Our team is in attendance and welcomes your visit at WDMS

September and October are the months of change. Summer has ended, autumn is starting. Kids are back at school and students are settling into their new digs. Graduates are starting new careers. Change, uncertainty and speculation are everywhere. This is healthy and exciting. Speculating about the future – personal and professional – gives us a better perspective on where we are right now. Today, we’re at the largest cryptocurrency mining event of the year.

New kids on the block

Cyberian Mine’s new video for WDMS. Our booth is S5 on the 2nd floor. Come and say hi


It’s now ten years since Satoshi Nakomoto’s first Bitcoin block was mined (for a reward of 50 BTC, no less) and the Cyberian Mine team is on the move, packed into a train from Berlin to Frankfurt for the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS), the mining event of the year. We’re there for the latest industry insights, high-class networking, valuable knowledge exchange and coffee. 


Community Manager Rasmus knows how to rock


One of our board members, Dr. Mervyn Maistry, will be giving a talk on ‘Regulated Investment in Mining’. Participants at the conference will be discussing miner manufacturing, farms and pools, green power, OTC traders, institutional investors, software solutions, blockchain organizations, fin-tech integrations and much more.

Two quick things to say:

1. If you’re going to be at WDMS and would like to meet someone from the Cyberian Mine team in person, our stand will be located at booth S5 on the second floor. Drop by anytime. 

2. If you’re not going to the conference yourself but would like to follow the vibe, please follow the Cyberian Mine Twitter account, or join the community on Telegram.

Bitcoin’s network is its net worth

As Bitcoin grows an increasingly robust network through events like WDMS, the surging credibility of its monetary properties are being highlighted amidst global economic turbulence. After hyperinflation in Venezuela last year, recent developments in India and Hong Kong (where ATM withdrawals have been restricted) for example, have highlighted the importance of the non-seizability of cryptocurrencies to a fresh buying market of 1+ billion people. 

While in the short term Bitcoin’s price is bearish, the global use cases and the plumbing that supports demand for a new monetary system are growing every day. We can’t wait to connect with the movers and shakers who are quietly building a superior system.

Top ten mining funds

We’re also proud to be nominated as one of the world’s Top Ten Mining Funds by WDMS. If you’re ready to begin your mining adventure with us, the place to go is our free Telegram group, where we share all the latest details about our mining machines and hosting opportunities before anywhere else.

Follow the link below to join.