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Green Cryptomining. From Siberia, with Love

Cyberian Mine is a Berlin based startup bringing renewable and inexpensive hydro electricity from Siberia to the European cryptomining market.

Current Status

We’ve just launched our first commercial public product: pre-installed ASIC miners with hosting contracts in our Siberian facilities.

How it works

You purchase one of our pre-installed machines, and it starts working for you on the same day. We give you personal access to your own sub-account on the mining pool, and from there you can control the mining process — take a look at one of the pre-installed miners you can purchase, running live right now.

How much will you earn?

Our renewable hydro-power is some of the least expensive electricity on the planet, and our all-in hosting price is €0.06 kWh.

This means you can put 7 (dollar cents — because the calculator uses dollars) per kwh into any mining calculator, like this one, and get a good idea of how much NET profit you will make when you host your machines with Cyberian Mine.

We set your units to mine directly to your wallet and then we invoice you at the end of the month for your costs.

Why should you work with us?

We’re bringing love to the cryptomining industry; with our renewable power, transparent pricing and direct access to your hosted machines on the mining pool.

As a Berlin based company that wants to build long term relationships with its clients, we’re going out of our way to make remote mining simpler and more profitable.

Unlike a lot of cloud “mining” services we don’t hide the nuts and bolts. You can see your machine on the shelf, and we invoice you only from the actual earnings of your individual equipment.

How do you get Started?

You can purchase pre-installed S9s from our first batch and start mining the same day. We currently have 8 machines left in this round.

One pre-installed 14.5TH Antminer S9 miner costs €690 (this includes a Power Supply Unit, delivery, customs clearance, cabling, and all electrical and installation costs).

10% of this one off payment is used for our hot-swap fund. This means if any of your units need maintenance we just swap them to a backup machine to minimize downtime.

We have launched our online shop — visit to learn more

NB. Our original price was €1464 and then €1090 but after increased demand following publication of this article we were able to benefit from the newer prices on the Bitmain website. And we have chosen to spread this saving to all our customers, not just future ones.