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Meet the Miners #3: Rasmus Højland

Meet another of our remote mining customers, Rasmus from Denmark.

Following with our series where we will try to give you some insights into the sort of people who are hosting their machines with us in our Siberian facilities, we bring another interesting story.

Rasmus’ interest in mining grew over time, which led him not only to increasing his machine park but also to investing in equity of Cyberian Mine.

Where are you based and how long have you been mining?

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark and have been a serious miner since January.

Are you mining full time? And if not what else are you doing right now?

No – I’m not mining full time now – not so I can live off it. But I’m certainly planning so! I also have a fulltime IRL job on the side managing safety on the Danish Railways – especially in the nights, so I have plenty of idle time, where I can indulge myself onto Cryptolandias shores.

How did you hear about Cyberian Mine — and why did you choose to work with us?

I heard of the company through Tore – our mining expert. He posted something in a common Facebook group and made a reference to Cyberian. I found my way to the page and thought – this is it! I’m not gonna miss the crypto train this time. I got tempted to buy a miner – just to try it out first. And I LOVED the green profile! Crypto mining is ALWAYS scolded upon for having a supposedly negative effect on the global warming crisis because of the high amount of electricity it uses. But being able to mine without feeling ‘guilty’ – and the close to cutting edge market prices and the all-in price of €0.06 did it for me! One machine became many and I have been mining seriously since January – just when the last crypto winter slowly started lifting. Actually, mining at cutting edge market prices in a crypto winter gave me more profits as the difficulty in the hashrate was lower, as many ASICS had been turned off worldwide. Let’s have some more crypto winters!

So… you actually ended up investing in equity of Cyberian Mine. How did it happen, and what’s it like to be a shareholder?

At some point not long ago my newfound passion and growing machine park were noticed by Malcolm, our CMO, and he offered me to join the latest seed round Cyberian was conducting not long ago. He hooked me and the rest is history. Gradually my volunteer job engagement turned into a job. I love being on board and I know the guys feel the same – we have MANY great adventures and hills to climb together ahead of us.

You’re pretty active on Telegram. What’s your handle?

And where do you tend to hang out? My handle on Telegram is: @RaZdk – can’t run from the fact, that I’m a proud Dane! There I’m part of Cyberians community chat ( but also Michael Cruz’s ‘Blockchain Association of Miners’ ( and saj’s group ‘Miners Peak’ ( and its sister groups. But also a whole lot of others, that I can’t list all of them here. From those groups my entire crypto world unfolded together with Reddit, Medium and Twitter, where you can find me at @JlandRasmus. Recently I also went back to Facebook, where we in Denmark still have a big community – and I signed up for ‘Bitcoin Talk – Danmark’ – it’s all in Danish though, så hvis I er andre danskere derude, come join us.