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New Policy for 2020

Important changes in Terms and Conditions regarding payments 

Dear Cyberians!

In the New Year we commit to improve our processes in the areas that matter most to you. This also implies more structured and systematic approach.


Cyberian Mine is one of the few (if not the only) mining company that invoices mining services not upfront, but on the next month. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of our time to chase overdue invoices that could be spent on providing a better service to you. So we have decided to revise our approach to payments.


We are not changing our first-mine-pay-later approach, we trust you just as you trust us, but we would like to give it a bit more structure and provide a clearer picture for all Cyberians involved.

Short version for lazy readers

  1. Changes – on 1st and on 15th
  2. Marketplace – off
  3. Support – to Telegram
  4. Updated prices TBD on 02.01.2020
  5. New Repairs/HotSwap policy TBD on 15.01.2020
  6. Stricter payment policy
                – Wholesale/team – upfront payment
                – Invoices sent on 5th
                – Objections no later than on 10th
                – First pay what agree on, then object the rest
                – No pay till 15th – units mine for CM
                – No pay till 30th – miners go to CM forever
                – Invoices due to collectors
  7. 2019 invoices to be paid till 15th January

Longer version with details

1. All the changes to your accounts (ownership changes, switching on/off, and altering settings of the machines such as pool, wallet, eco-mode, etc.) will be limited to twice per month since January 2020. We will log requests throughout two-week periods and implement them on the 1st day and on the 15th of the month.

2. Marketplace is paused until we completely automate the process. You still can organize deals in our community channels, but have in mind p. 1.

3. Zendesk showed itself not very convenient for quick responses. So the main support channel goes back to individual support groups in Telegram. If you don’t yet have a support group, please, contact Max (@matrenitski) to create one.

4. Retail and wholesale fees for will be slightly revised to reflect a leaner and more consistent pricing policy. We plan to publish the changes on 2nd January, 2020.

5. The Repairs policy will be published on the website on 15th January 2020 with prices on repairs and spare parts to avoid surprises and provide transparency. With all the details regarding HotSwap as well.

6. New payments policy:

    • All invoices for clients of “wholesale” and “team” categories will include prepayment for the month, following the settlement month in amount that equals last month’s invoice.
    • All invoices for retail clients will be sent out no later than the 5th of the month, following the settlement month.
    • If a customer provides a detailed justified objection to the invoice per email or in personal support group in Telegram before the 10th of the month, then the payment period can be shifted by 10 more days.
    • In case of objection, customer must pay the part that client has no objection over, then object the part with which one doesn’t agree.
    • If invoice is not paid until the 15th and the customer hasn’t objected the invoice, we will switch over the miners to mine at benefit of cyberian mine for the next 15 days or until we receive the payment. After switching miners back to the customer the administration fee of 5€ per miner is added to the next invoice.
    • If the invoice is not paid to the 30th of the month, following the settlement month, the contract is terminated, the miners are withheld by Cyberian Mine.
    • The unpaid invoices will be transferred to international collectors’ agency with a branch in the customer’s country of residence.

7.  Regarding invoices of 2019 currently held overdue, must be paid in full according to the above listed rules. Any customer who contests their invoice has until January 10th, 2020 at 5 pm GMT to email Payments must be made by January 15th, 2020. If payments are not received, you forfeit your mining capacity and understand that your invoices will be sent to a collections agency.

It is our greatest hope that the most spooky clauses will never be used in reality. The intention behind it is to provide a better structured approach and payment discipline, so we could improve our services and your overall experience with Cyberian Mine.

Happy New Year!