Next Ground to Build Green Crypto Infrastructure with Cyberian Mine

Virtual currency trading platform secures hydro-electricity for mining investors


BERLIN, Germany, April 17, 2020Decentralized finance platform NextGround Ltd. (HK) has chosen Cyberian Mine as a long-term infrastructure provider to secure continuous and professional mining operations using green hydro-electricity.

Berlin-based Cyberian Mine is bringing renewable and inexpensive hydro-electricity from Siberia to the European crypto mining market. Cyberian Mine’s mission is to make mining simpler and more profitable. Customers can buy a pre-installed machine and start mining on the same day, taking advantage of some of the least expensive electricity on the planet, with an all-in hosting price of €0.06 kWh.

NextGround (NEX) offers a virtual currency trading platform for investors of various financial markets to diversify assets without being bound by a virtual currency exchange. The platform offers plate trading, copy trading and mining investment products that can only be accessed with virtual currency. In addition, the platform adds real-time APIs for ROI, and signal trading makes it easier for users to manage a diversified investment portfolio in one place. The result is a blockchain-based platform that facilitates the investment and trading of financial and real assets in the crypto market through a wide range of revenue models.

Jay Kim, the CEO, and co-founder of NEX, says the relationship with Cyberian Mine started on a personal level, with Kim mining bitcoin and becoming an enthusiastic member of the Cyberian community Telegram channel:

“I was invited to visit the Cyberian facilities in Siberia, and the offices in Germany, on several occasions. Now we are taking the relationship to the next stage. I am thrilled that Cyberian has agreed to become the infrastructure manager for the large-scale investment vehicles that NEX is making available to its growing user base.”

The cold climate in Siberia gives Cyberian a competitive advantage versus locations with warmer temperatures and where seasonality is a highly volatile factor. Cyberian has an official cooperation agreement with the local government in the Irkutsk region, ensuring development and support between innovative projects.

One of the ways in which the partnership benefits NEX users is by offering the Asian market confidence in alternative mining locations besides China. Kim, who studied at Georgia Institute of Technology and spent six years as a venture capitalist in Hong Kong before co-founding Next Ground, comments on Cyberian Mine’s unique advantage in the mining industry: “NextGround is very pleased to choose Cyberian Mine as its expansion partner for NEX’s ecosystem. Cooperation between the two companies creates synergy between joint marketing and blockchain business exchanges in Europe and Asia.”

“We are delighted that Next Ground has chosen Cyberian Mine as its long-term infrastructure partner,” says Max Matrenitski, CEO of Cyberian Mine. “I congratulate the team on their commitment to decentralized finance and am confident that our facilities will help fuel growth for mining investors in the dynamic and developing Asian market. ”