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Send your own machines to us. But, only if you really, really want to.

We’ve got plenty of space on our shelves to host your own machines. But we want to warn you…’s going to be a lot simpler if you purchase one of our pre-installed miners.

We’ve already sent them through customs, had their electronics checked and paid all the taxes.

Read this article, to find out how purchasing one of our pre-installed Antminer S9s works.

However, if your heart is set on sending us your machines — who are we to get in the way of your profiting from our €0.06/kwh all-in hosting?

How hosting your machine with us will work

Once your machine has been delivered and installed you will be able to monitor it on the mining-pool just like any of our pre-installed machines.

This means you can put 7 (dollar cents — because the calculator uses dollars) per kwh into a mining calculator,  like this one, and get a good idea of how much NET profit you will make when you mine with us.

We set your units to mine directly to your wallet and then we invoice you at the end of the month for your costs.

What will it cost to get started?

You will need to cover the cost of delivering your machines to our facilities in Irkutsk. This price will vary from country to country, and we will work with you to find the best logistic options.

You will also be subject to 18% Import VAT — however if you already paid import VAT for your country, you should be able to claim it back when exporting your machines to Russia.

Let’s do this

If you’ve read everything, and you still want to send us your machines then let’s make it happen. Email [email protected] and we’ll find a way to make things work — but keep in mind it will always be much easier to go with our pre-installs.