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Read the Hosting Agreement and make sure that you understand the logistics costs for direct delivery of your machines.

Tell us your name, email & how many machines you plan to buy from Bitmain, Inno etc., in the form below.

We’ll get back to you with the address of our logistics company in Hong Kong.

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Pay for your new miners on the manufacturer’s website.

Make sure to use our Hong Kong address we’ll give to you after you filled out the form on this page..

Feel free to use any Coupons that you have in order to reduce the purchase price – you are in full control.

We’ll install your machines

Once you’re machines arrive, you’ll get access to your dashboard on the mining pool, like this one.

We’ll send you pictures of your miners with your name on, and the serial numbers of your machines.

The reward is paid into your wallet, and we invoice you for your all-in fees of €0.06 kWh each month.

Logistics costs

Our goal is to make mining profitable for you at our facilities. We will work with you to reduce your costs as much as possible. The more machines you order via Direct Delivery, the more economic sense it makes. If you are only ordering one or two machines, we strongly suggest you opt for one of our preinstalled machines.

If you go for the Direct Delivery option, you will need pay for the machines themselves on the Bitmain website.

After one month of mining we will invoice you for the logistics costs from Hong Kong to our facilities in Siberia – don’t worry we’ll let you know exactly how much that will cost, before you place the order.

Are you ready?

If you still have some questions about how our Direct Delivery service works, we will be happy to answer. Our contact details are right here.