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Costs & Profitability

How much will I earn?

This depends on the miner you have running and the current price of the crypto you are mining.

We like to use the website asicminervalue.com – because it can give you live profitability estimations for the specific machines you can purchase from us.

Please change the setting on their site from $0.14 to $0.07 – as that is the closest you can get it to our all in price of €0.06 kWh electricity & hosting costs.

Why are your preinstalled miners more expensive, than on Bitmain's website?

The price on the Bitmain website doesn’t include any of the costs that you would eventually have to cover in order to start mining.

Our goal is to be fully transparent on pricing – because we want our customers to make money from mining.

Our preinstalled miner prices include

  • Delivery from China to Russia
  • Custom clearance
  • Russian import VAT 18%.
  • Bitmain PSU

10% installation costs

  • cabling
  • rack slot
  • network port
  • infrastructure
  • labor

10% for Hot Swap fund to ensure problem-free operations for the whole lifetime of the unit.

It’s also worth considering that it takes some time to deliver and install the miner. Our preinstalled units may lag slightly behind Bitmain’s price drops but you can start mining on day one – and not lose out during delivery.

To have more control over the unit price you can try our new Direct Delivery option. You can now order miners from Bitmain to be delivered directly to our facilities. Check out cyberianmine.de/direct

Do you offer financing options?

We can connect you with our partner at Nexo.io, a crypto lending platform where you can use your existing crypto as collateral for an automatic loan.

This is an excellent way for you to finance your diversification into mining, without selling your existing crypto. If you would like to know more about financing please send us an email to info(@)cyberianmine.de

Logistics & Maintenance

Can I pay my monthly energy & hosting costs in crypto, or only fiat?

It is now possible to pay your monthly costs with Bitcoin, or with fiat.

You can choose your payment method with every invoice that we send you.

How do I terminate the Hosting Agreement?

You can terminate it anytime with the following notification period. You simply notify us before the 15th of current month and we will terminate the agreement on the last day of that month.

After the contract is terminated you can decide what to do with the equipment

– we can either send it to you, wherever you are (you will have to cover the delivery costs)
– or we can recycle your unit for free, if you don’t need it anymore.

What happens if the unit fails?

All machines come with Automatic Lifetime Hot Swap. Unless there’s a power outage or scheduled maintenance beyond our control, we guarantee your hash rate 24/7. This means that even if your machine needs repairing, your hash rate will be stable. As long as you’re hosting with Cyberian Mine, your hash rate is guaranteed.

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