Why farms need the Cyberian platform:

  1. Automated Client Dashboard: From purchasing to starting mining process, managing and selling miners at the internal marketplace, every action is automated. Includes balance-based daily billing, top-ups and withdrawals (no more need for monthly calculations, accounting for downtime, chasing after invoices. Miners shut down, when balance runs out). Upselling and flexible miner buybacks. Also features sales tools such as financing (installment plans) and preorders.
  2. Reduced Client Communication: Less need for sales and support staff, saving you on salaries.
  3. Operational Optimization: No need to maintain different settings for each client. All miners are set with identical parameters. Our system redistributes the hashrate proportionally to their miners’ hashrates. Broken spare parts can be aggregated across the entire farm for easier repair logistics and cost reduction.
  4. Zero Churn Rate: Clients can’t take away machines, but they can sell them on the internal marketplace. This retains your fleet at all times and ensures continuous growth.
  5. Additional Revenue Streams: Earn extra from deposit/withdrawal fees, marketplace sales commissions, mining pool cashbacks, more efficient hashrate management (up to 3x hosting margin, according to our current stats), and higher sales margins with financing.

What your farm can offers to your clients:

Key Features:

  1. Lifetime Warranty: If a miner breaks, we repair it at our own expense. In the meantime, your miner continues to deliver hashrate.
  2. Automatic Failover: Redirects the workload of a failed miner to functioning ones. This ensures miners never stop, regardless of hardware failures.
  3. Easy Exit Options: Sell your miner to other clients via our internal marketplace or opt for an instant buyback for a quick sale at a fair price.
  4. Financing: Buy a miner with an installment plan. For example, a 40% down payment, followed by 12 monthly payments of 5% at 10% extra markup (effective interest rate of 28% p.a. on farm’s capital).
  5. Transparency and Compliance: Get automatic monthly invoices for tax declarations.

At Cyberian, we value your time and investment. Join us today for an optimized, transparent, and highly profitable Bitcoin mining experience.


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Our Journey: The Cyberian Story

At Cyberian, we’ve always been pioneers, seeking out new ways to enhance efficiency, optimize operations, and increase satisfaction for our clients. Our journey began 5 years ago with a conventional mining hosting business. It was a promising start, but we knew we could offer more.

During our first two years, we reached 40 clients with 1,000+ miners, managed by a team of 8 full-time employees, including three(!) dedicated full-time support engineers. Despite our efforts, we faced constant challenges – a persistently long queue of 50+ tickets and a frustrating two-week average response time. It was clear; a change was needed.

Motivated by the desire to provide superior service, we transitioned to a unique approach, launching our proprietary platform. This marked a transformational shift in our business model, leading to an unprecedented growth phase. In the span of 18 months years, our client base expanded to 450 satisfied customers, our miner count surged to 3,000, and the best part – our operation streamlined to an extent that it could be efficiently managed by a full-time CEO and a part-time support/community manager. The maximum queue we ever had was a single message with an average response time of an impressive 30 minutes.

Our growth trajectory was impressive – our fleet size increased by an astounding 12% month over month for 18 straight months. Our operations were primarily based in Russia until unexpected geopolitical events – the outbreak of war – brought our sales to a standstill and clouded our prospects.

Despite the challenges, our spirit remains undeterred. Today, we extend our unique platform to you. With Cyberian, you are not just investing in a service but a rich history of perseverance, innovation, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. We invite you to be part of our journey towards an efficient, profitable, and transparent future of Bitcoin mining.

Check out the platform: my.cyberianmine.de
Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/cyberianmine

Max Matrenitski, Founder, CEO
Telegram: @matrenitski
Email: [email protected]