What does it cost?


Our facilities give you the chance to mine with the same advantages as professional mining investors, even when you run one or two machines.

We’ve rolled all your expenses into a flat monthly fee, per machine.

There are no other costs to pay, and the hosting service is not subject to VAT.

You will receive your mining income direct to your crypto wallet, and then we simply invoice you at the fixed amounts listed below, once a month – you can pay us in fiat or crypto.

All-in Hosting Costs

€117 per month

€114 per month

€111 per month

€98 per month

€146 per month

€76 per month

€72 per month

€58 per month

€58 per month

€20 per month

Our electricity & hosting prices are fixed – and are calculated from the energy consumption of the machines, and the space they take up in our facilities.

The prices are based off €0.06 kWh (that includes our €0.03 kWh green hydro power, as well as installation, cooling, local engineers, leasing of the space and on-site security).

If you have a machine not on the list – please email info@cyberianmine.de for a quote.

Thinking big?

We have 12MW capacity, extending to 24MW in the next 6 months. If you’re planning to send 1000+ machines, get in touch for a discount.