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We’re a Berlin start-up running miners for beginners and professionals with cheap, clean Siberian hydropower.

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What is Cyberian Mine?

Who are we?

These aren’t existential questions, we just think you probably want to meet our team. See who created Cyberian Mine, here.

We’re mining for you, in Siberia

Cyberian Mine GmbH is a German-Russian joint venture cryptocurrency mining company. We grant access to Siberia’s extremely profitable mining conditions within a secure European business environment.

We offer a distinct competitive advantage thanks to the lowest electricity prices in the world generated by green hydro-power stations, with free natural cooling in Siberia’s low ambient temperature.

Marrying that with the region’s rock bottom operational costs, we offer an excellent profitability level for European mining.

Why Siberia?

A unique combination of factors makes Siberia a great place for mining. The Economist agrees.

Electricity Price

The world’s lowest electricity costs offer an extreme advantage and exceptional ROI. As mining difficulty grows our clients will continue to generate profits, while others will have to quit mining or buy new gear.

A Green Future

Access to the largest soviet-built hydroelectric plants provides renewable energy with enormous GigaWatt-capacities available for future scaling. More than 12GW in the Irkutsk region alone.

Free Natural Cooling

Year-round low temperatures of Siberia mean no need for air conditioning or expensive cooling solutions. Optimal mining equipment conditions at lowest cost.

Low Operational Costs

Local lease costs allow for perfect mining conditions, with ample space for routine maintenance. The operational and facility support costs are 5-10 times lower than in Europe.


Our proximity to suppliers makes Irkutsk a logistically perfect spot for delivery, and support, from the major equipment producers in China. This lets us drastically minimize downtime.

Crypto-business Environment

Highly developed blockchain community due to the support of local legal authorities and access to a thriving crypto HR market. With an official Bitmain service center to provide seamless warranty and after-warranty support.

Get in touch

We understand that cryptomining includes a lot of variables. That’s why we try to be as helpful and transparent as possible. Use any of the methods below to reach out to us.