Are you legit? How long have you existed?
Cyberian Mine is a legitimate Bitcoin mining company that operates as Cyberian Mine GmbH in Germany and Cyberian Mine LLC in Russia. The company is registered in the German and Russian commercial registers, and all its legal data is public.

Cyberian Mine GmbH is acting as Agent on behalf of Cyberian Mine Rus LLC.

Cyberian Mine Rus LLC is registered in Russia. Business address: Nevsky 137A, pom. 22H, office 21B 181024 Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Cyberian Mine GmbH is registered in Germany. Business address is in Berlin: Rheinsberger Str. 76/77 c/o Factory 10115 Berlin.
We're existing as an official, legally operating Company, listed at German Transparent Portal.

Cyberian Mine has established a transparent and compliant business, working closely with Russian authorities and signing an MOU with the Ministry of Finances of the Irkutsk region in 2019. They endorse miners to work and support our desire for compliance.
We ensure legal registration, VAT/customs compliance, and administrative traceability. We were the first Bitcoin mining company to work with Russian authorities. Together we created a transparent and compliant business. In 2019, we signed an MOU with the Ministry of Finances of the Irkutsk region.

Here is a list of events and conferences we've participated in since 2018.
  • TechCrunch Berlin 2018
  • World Digital Mining Summit Tbilisi 2018
  • Moscow F2pool Mining Conference 2019
  • World Digital Mining Summit Frankfurt 2019
  • Mining Disrupt Miami 2019
  • Future Blockchain Summit Dubai 2021
  • World Digital Summit Dubai 2021
  • Mining Disrupt Miami 2022.
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Our Company is operating legally and officially.
Legal information is public.
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