Can I remove my miners if I want to quit?
Cyberian Mine's business model does not allow for the physical removal of miners by Customers.

Cyberian Mine owns the equipment while our Customers on the platform own the representation of the service for mining, a miner, split in hash rate delivery service and hosting service, but not the machine itself.

If you wish to quit mining, you can sell your service back to Cyberian Mine using the 'Instant Sell' feature, or you can list it on the Cyberian Mine Marketplace for other customers to buy. This ensures a hassle-free process for ending your mining operations without the need to physically handle the hardware.

You can decide to end your contract with us whenever you want to. You can sell your miner at a price you choose on our internal marketplace. You can withdraw the proceeds to your bank account in fiat, or reinvested in new miners.

This new model is easy, safe, and fast. It is also more appealing than having to handle worn-out hardware, repairs and logistics.
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