How can I stop mining and exit?
If you want to stop mining and exit, there are two possible options.

The first option is to sell your miner on the Cyberian Mine Marketplace. When someone buys your miner, you can withdraw the money and remove the burden of shipping worn-out hardware.

The second option is to use our "Instant Sell" feature, where you can sell your miner back to Cyberian Mine. In this case, the Company buys your miner back and calculates a proposal price based on the hash rate, efficiency of the miner, and Bitcoin price. The price is dynamically calculated and credited to your balance right away.
Our instant sell formula is primarily based on the profitability of the miner, further adjusted for efficiency and hash rate through intricate calculations.

For miners that aren't profitable at the time of instant sale, the minimal buy-back price is set at 30€. This is essentially a compensation for disposing of outdated miners, helping to declutter your dashboard and offer a little something in return.

You might choose to forfeit your miner too: when time goes with a total inactivity, then Cyberian Mine will finally assume ownership of your contract and you do not need to worry about shipping. The miner can then return to our stock or get recycled.
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