How does the hosting Bonus work? What is the free hosting option?
Cyberian Mine offers a Bonus system that allows you to earn discounts on your hosting costs. When your cash balance exceeds 1000€, a Bonus calculation is performed at night. The amount of Bonus generated is based on your cash balance and is credited to your Bonus balance. Specifically, a fraction % of your total cash balance amount is credited to your Bonus balance every day. The Bonus amount is immediately used to discount your hosting costs at night.

We discount your hosting costs as much as possible using the Bonus amount. The discounts as provided are visible in the History of your account.
If you generate more than what your hosting costs are, then the amount of Bonus left stands in the Bonus balance: then you can mine for free because you’re hosted for free. The Bonus leftover pills up in the balance for later use.

Bonus amount is not transferable to cash and cannot be withdrawn. On the platform, no miners can be bought using Bonus as this is not money. The Bonus is solely a reduction in hosting costs. This is not money; it's just a system of discounts.
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