Is Cyberian Mine selling Cloud mining contracts?
Cyberian Mine does not offer cloud mining services.
We provide a unique approach to mining as we sell miners with lifetime hosting contracts. When you purchase a miner from us, you are buying the right to receive a stable hash rate service for mining. The physical machines are owned by Cyberian Mine and they take care of all repairs, maintenance, and compensation for downtime. This ensures that you have a stable hash rate and do not have to worry about additional costs or lost earnings during repairs.

Our hosting offers don’t have any time limitation.
Your miners can stay active with us, as long as you want.

You don't need technical knowledge to mine with us.
We set up everything for you. All you need to provide is the address of the wallet you nominate to receive your mined Bitcoin.

So while our model is not the same as cloud mining, you get the same benefits, as well the flexibility to cash out quickly and easily.
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