What are your statistics?
Our all-time average of delivered hash rate is 96.8%.
In 2023, our overall average performance was 98.64%.

The fleet performance depends on repairs, downtime, underperformance, outages and mining pool issues. These factors are part of our daily workflow.
So while you are not getting 100% of your nominal hash rate, you also do not have to worry about repairs or unit failures. There will be no repair costs and no lost earnings during repairs.
We publish our daily hash rate performances transparently on our website.

Cyberian Mine provides detailed statistics regarding its mining operations, which include data on hash rates, power efficiency, uptime, and overall system health. These statistics are crucial for transparency and allow customers to monitor the performance and profitability of their mining investments. Cyberian Mine uses advanced monitoring systems to track the performance of each miner in real-time, ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and addressed. Additionally, the company provides regular reports to customers, which include comprehensive analytics on mining rewards, electricity costs, and net profits.

This data-driven approach ensures that customers are well-informed about the status of their mining operations and can make educated decisions based on their individual performance metrics.

We publish our daily Delivered Hash Rate performances: https://bit.ly/CMDHR
See for yourself!
We publish our daily Delivered Hash Rate performances.
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