Eco mode is a firmware feature provided by manufacturers that allows certain miners to operate in a more efficient mode.
Not all miners have a profitable or working Eco mode firmware upgrade. When a miner is operated in Eco mode, the total hash rate is lowered, but the miner's efficiency is boosted as its consumption is optimized. This can result in the miner becoming profitable again. However, it's important to note that not all models within the same factory series family may be compatible with Eco mode.

When you switch your miner's Operating mode to Eco mode, it undergoes a change in its power consumption and hash rate. In Eco mode, the miner's power draw is reduced, resulting in lower electricity costs. Additionally, the hash rate of the miner is lowered, which means it will mine at a slower pace. This reduction in hash rate helps to optimize the miner's efficiency and can potentially make it more profitable. By operating in Eco mode, you can achieve a balance between performance and energy efficiency, while also extending the lifespan of your hardware

The miners models compatible with Eco mode include Bitmain miners such as Antminer S9 14, Antminer S19 90, and Antminer S19 J Pro 92, as well as MicroBT miners like Whatsminer M31s 70 and Whatsminer M30s 90, and many more.
These miners have firmware upgrades that allow them to operate in a more efficient mode, reducing power consumption while maintaining a balance between performance and energy efficiency. Please note that this list may grow over time as new operable models and firmwares are discovered

What are the miners models non compatible with Eco mode? Here is our list of ECO mode compatible miners, and any results we observed.
List of compatible miners
Benchmak results may vary over time, when new firmwares get tested, or for new models.
Models in red were tested and proven less efficient in eco mode operation: so we're not opening any eco mode for them.
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