why are your miners more expensive than units on manufacturers websites?
The miners offered by Cyberian Mine are more expensive because they come with a lifetime hosting contract and a Stable Hash Rate Service, ensuring no additional costs for repairs or failures.

Cyberian Mine provides a unique approach to mining. When you purchase a miner from Cyberian Mine, you are not just buying a physical machine, but a miner with a lifetime hosting contract and a stable hash rate service. This means that you don't have to worry about repairs, failures, or replacement costs for any piece of hardware. Cyberian Mine guarantees a stable hash rate as long as you continue to pay for electricity.
The higher price reflects the added value of a lifetime hosting contract and the assurance of a stable hash rate service. This ensures that you can mine Bitcoin without the stress and uncertainty of hardware issues, and you can focus on maximizing your mining revenue.

When you buy a miner with Cyberian Mine, you never have to worry about repairs or failures. You get a stable hash rate for as long as you want to keep the contract running.
At Cyberian Mine, we offer a stable hash rate as long as you continue to pay for electricity.
If a unit breaks - or worse, fails completely - you don't need to worry because you have an automatic failover and stable hash rate insurance peace of mind. Hash rate can be a bit lower than nominal, as some miners fail, and the hash rate is distributed across all miners on the platform.

Our prices for the miners include:
  • Delivery from China to Russia
  • Customs clearance
  • Russian import VAT 20%
  • PSU
  • Future Repairs, Consumables and Maintenance
  • Lifetime hosting contract
  • Stable hash rate engagement
Installation costs:
  • Cabling
  • Rack slot
  • Network port
  • Infrastructure
  • Labor
  • Security
It’s also worth considering that it takes time to deliver and install miners. Yes, our preinstalled units lag behind Manufacturers price drops. The flip side is that you can start mining today and not lose out on revenue gains while you wait for delivery and installation.

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