Why do you use FPPS? What is FPPS? Can I change it?
FPPS, or Full Pay-Per-Share, is a payout method used by f2pool and other mining pools that combines the benefits of PPS (Pay-Per-Share) and traditional block rewards. Under FPPS, miners are rewarded with both the block reward and the transaction fees associated with the transactions included in the block. The miner's reward is calculated based on the share of the mining power they contribute to the pool, regardless of whether the pool successfully mines a block.

This method ensures a more stable and predictable income for miners, as they receive compensation for their mining efforts even if the pool does not find a block. It is considered one of the more generous payout methods, as it distributes the full block reward and transaction fees to miners.

Our Stable hahs rate management system is totally dependent on that FPPS system, to ensure the most predictable, fair and stable revenue for all our Customers, no matter what happens to the miners and hardware day after day.
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